Our IT department at SMOOTH-MOVE is the systematic representation, storage, processing and transmission of information as a BACKOFFICE, working in the background for you and is your:

• Link factoring
• Call center
• Order processing
• Shipping documents
• Invoicing
• Dunning
• IT master data maintenance
• Complaint processing
• Returns management
• Reporting
• Postal delivery


With our interface at SMOOTH-MOVE between our SPECIAL SOFTWARE and your ERP system, we can integrate multi-stage processes such as accounting, your invoicing, dunning, customer blocking and link them with your field service.


Is one of the many interfaces we already have, such as CSV, PHP, JSON.

And if that isn't enough, we and our IT partner are able to create a completely individual software APP according to your requirements.

• Merchandise management
• Warehousing
• Delivery note creation
• Invoicing
• Customs document preparation
• Shipping notes
• Shipping

Full Service Backoffice
Your BACKOFFICE and its processes are usually invisible to you, but this area is one of the most important infrastructural facilities. The BACKOFFICE is where company applications are administered, and tasks from administrative areas such as accounting, warehousing, ordering and goods control as well as logistics and personnel management are also carried out here.

The data transfer from your front office takes place via an interface between the two areas, through which all customer activities such as orders, messages or complaints come together for processing in your BACKOFFICE. A professionally competent and motivated team in the BACKOFFICE can make a significant contribution to your satisfaction, cost reduction and your company's success.

• Service center
• Customer advisory
• Sharing expertise
• Procurement
• Personnel relief
• Administration
• Insurance management
• Archiving
• Customer advice for end customers

Value Added Services
VAS = value-added services. This refers to services that go beyond the usual core business of logistics of goods. In addition to transport, handling and storage processes, there are other tasks along the value chain.

• Goods completions
• Replacement of various parts
• Labeling, pricing out
• Makeover
• Repair processing
• Fixed small production errors
• Replacement of spare parts
• Accessories included
• Finishing of the goods
• Neutralizations

Further adds, especially for textile logistics

• hanging and/or lying textiles
• Cleaning & ironing
• Assortment composition
• Article security/theft protection
• Price marking & labeling
• Complete processing – NOS (never out of stock)
• Collection management
• Flash programs
• Shop openings including furniture transport
• Outlet support & showrooms
• Support during sales rounds