B2B2C. FULFILLMENT. E-COMMERCE. From a logistical perspective, the main difference is the customer structure in distribution.

The value creation and supply chain from your global producers/suppliers to the national or international B2B shop or B2C end customer is diverse and complex. Our logistical options play a crucial role for you with this.

Goods procurement and quality control, order entry and ordering, customs clearance and interim storage, IT applications and inventory, goods control, picking and shipping, invoicing, payment systems and returns management and much more should be organized smoothly and at reasonable costs.

We have been supporting several different trading agencies and companies for many, many years. We are very familiar with the demands and requirements of the market. Our experiences and customers wishes have led to the development and introduction of worthwhile value-added services, which you can use at any time.

As a special highlight, we will install a unique BACKOFFICE for you, which frees YOU from essential administrative tasks and acts as a perfect link to you and other areas of the company. The scope of the service can be selected À la carte and can be expanded at any time.
The constant exchange with you and other customers ensures that we recognize changes in retail and market requirements at an early stage. Immediate optimization or adaptation of our services guarantees that you, as a supplier, are always UP TO DATE on the market.

Procurement logistics
Our “SMOOTH-MOVE CONSUMER GOODS TRAVEL AGENCY” considers all the facts, including geopolitical and customs-related ones. We organize your transport safely, efficiently and JUST IN TIME from the producer to the end consumer. In particular, we always keep an eye on your current inventory and ensure timely replenishment if requested.

• Air freight
• Sea freight
• Rail transport
• Land transport
• Special transports
• Accompanying customs inspections
• Express deliveries and collections
• Transport insurance

Warehouse management
Our product-specific and professional (intermediate) storage takes place in our NEW SMOOTH-MOVE LOGISTICS CENTER, BUILT IN WOODEN CONSTRUCTION IN ACCORDANCE WITH ECOLOGICAL STANDARDS. Entrances/exits and storage space allocation are monitored and documented by our electronic and IT-supported inventory management and can be completely tracked by you. Our existing CUSTOMS WAREHOUSE can be a significant advantage for the delayed due date of duties, it is essential for duty-free re-imports to NON EU countries (Switzerland, UK, Norway, etc.). Our ecologically sustainable new building is particularly designed for temperature-sensitive goods such as wine or food. You also have the option of renting office and storage space from 50m2, with or without management.


• Acceptance of goods
• Incoming goods inspection
• Sorting
• Storage and retrieval
• Handling
• Product related storage
• Order systems
• Customs warehouse
• Storage insurance
• Warehouse documents
• Inventory management
• Warehouse management
• Inventory key figures
• Storage strategies

Our heart of your goods control and inventory management. So that your PRODUCTS reach the right CUSTOMER in the best QUALITY, in the correct QUANTITY, SIZE and COLOR, optimally packaged and at the RIGHT TIME. Error-free and timely picking is crucial for customer satisfaction and reduction of complaints and returns. What is crucial for this is a motivated team of order pickers who are willing to work customer-oriented hours and overtime. In the B2C segment, a special shopping experience for your end customers can be integrated upon request, for example gift packaging, goodies and much more.

• Unpacking
• Storage space management
• Product control
• Composition of goods
• Order picking
• Order picking systems
• Packaging solutions
• Supporting documents
• Neutralizations
• Shipment clearance
• Shipping provision
• Gift packaging
• Goodies

For us, it is the final link after picking or putting together goods to the retailer or final recipient. Accordingly, we choose the optimal means of transport for you, take customer requests regarding delivery times into account and use the best provider in the parcel service sector depending on the delivery destination. Shipping dates and package numbers are visible in the system. You can view it at any time and make changes until delivery. Complete parcel tracking to the final recipient is possible online at any time.

• Complete online tracking to the end recipient
• Consideration of customer delivery requests
• special delivery composition for mail order
• Agreement on parcel drop off permits
• multiple delivery attempts when absent

Returns management
RETURNS - no one wants them, everyone has them, they always cost money. Perfect returns management approves and organizes the return transport from the retailer in the B2B sector and serves as a receiving station in e-commerce (B2C). The connected BACKOFFICE at SMOOTH-MOVE processes your RETURNS promptly and professionally. We decide, based on your specifications, in a comprehensible manner about the legality and acceptance of the RETURNS. We will immediately ensure that the return is prepared for resale and, if necessary, arrange for a replacement delivery to the customer.

Of course, our BACKOFFICE also organizes the creation of a credit note for the stationary retailer or the return transfer of the payment to the customers in the online shop. If it turns out that there are production errors on the part of the supplier, we will contact you immediately and of course take care of all further steps.

You are also in the best hands with us when it comes to organizing end of season items, warehouse sales and OUTLET stocking.

• Avoid incorrect deliveries through optimal warehouse logistics and enterprise resource planning
• Goods receipt and goods registration
• Preparation and assessment of goods
• Repackaging
• new storaging
• Analysis on return slip, reason for return
• Status of returns to you
• Fast capture and refund or voucher creation

Quality management
We monitor and document the quality characteristics you specify and provide internal, needs-based training for employees. Professional and rapid quality controls in our company can be carried out both randomly and (subsequently) in full for a complete delivery. The early detection of production errors helps with rapid troubleshooting or replacement delivery. Especially in the trade of textiles and sporting goods, we have sufficient expertise to correct production errors or products that are not delivered as agreed.

• Packaging control
• Quality control of the goods
• EAN code check
• Random checks
• Sorting
• Return deliveries
• Supplier evaluation